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Surface Guard

Surface Guard

Surface Guard is an advanced, modular and temporary surface security solution designed to protect crowded areas and sensitive sites from unauthorized or out of control vehicle intrusion. This system has successfully passed the rigorous tests established according to the international standard IWA 14.

The distinctive feature of the Surface Guard lies in its fully permeable nature and its pedestrian-friendly design, which allows the easy passage of pedestrians without compromising safety. Lightweight and easily transportable modules can be installed quickly without the need for any ground fixing.

The flexibility of Surface Guard translates into endless configuration options, allowing it to be installed on different road scenarios, including pavements, traffic islands, street furniture and docks.

Video Surface Guard


  • Quick to install
  • Completely permeable with zero impact on pedestrian flow
  • Allows emergency vehicle access within 30 seconds
  • It can be removed quickly and easily
  • It does not require foundations or fixings
  • Does not damage the installation area
  • Possibility of customization with colors, logos and brands of your choice
  • Aesthetically pleasing and tidy, perfectly integrated into the urban context
  • It can also be used as long-term protection with permanent anchors


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