The range of products for road markings include acrylic, alkyd, waterborne, two-component paints and thermoplastic materials. Available in different colours and for each application scenario, they guarantee high standards in terms of visibility and safety. DOWNLOAD Liner® Solvent Based Acrylic Spray Road Marking Paint Liner® Solvent Based Alkyd Spray Road Marking Paint Liner® Thermoplastic Road … Read more

Antirotation poles

Poles for road signs, in hot-dip galvanized steel, circular or with antirotation groove, available in any length between 3 and 12 meters. ANTIROTATIONthickness 2,2 – 3,0 mmdiameter Ø60length from 3000 to 12000 mm CIRCULARthickness 2,2 – 3,0 mmdiameter Ø48 – Ø60 – Ø89length from 3000 to 12000 mm Gallery BACK

Surface Guard

Surface Guard is a surface mounted safety barrier, modular, temporary and pedestrian friendly, able to protect crowded areas and sensitive sites from hostile or out of control vehicles, having successfully passed the tests required by the international standard PAS68 and IWA 14. It is a completely pedestrian permeable solution, which does not require any surveillance … Read more


Pitagone barriers are unique and mobile solution against ramming attacks, to protect access routes and ensure safety within public events, without interrupting the passage of pedestrians and cyclists. The system is fully portable and removable for the passage of priority vehicles and adjustable to all surfaces and all terrain (including sidewalks, gradients and bumpy roads). … Read more


The CLAW mobile and preventive vehicle security barrier was developed in-house to protect events, Christmas markets, fairs, festivals and other sensitive public areas from unauthorised vehicle access. CLAW is a mobile, heavy-duty vehicle security barrier that provides effective protection for a wide variety of areas, terrains and access roads. Cost-efficient, flexible in terms of time … Read more

Glass beads

The innovative glass beads give the road markings excellent retroreflection, even in the event of rain or humidity, increasing road safety standards. The range of products includes specific microspheres for each type of material used for road markings. DOWNLOAD Reflobead™ EN1423 Certificate Reflobead™ Road Marking Glass Beads BACK


KEE distributes vehicles with special equipment for road marking, which make it possible to maximize efficiency and reduce application costs. It also distributes vehicles which, using high pressure water, can remove any kind of tire mark and can clean any kind of thermoplastic and cold paint from all asphalt and concrete surfaces, especially on airport … Read more

Sound absorbing panels

A new range of sound absorbing and sound insulating panels for road and railway infrastructures soundproofing. Available in aluminium, painted steel and Corten steel, they guarantee durability and high acoustic performances. Lightweight and versatile, they offer multiple solutions even in the industrial field, for the containment of noise in work environments. Gallery BACK

Echo Barrier

The certified and internationally recognized modular Echo Barrier portable acoustic and dust barrier system combines unmatched noise absorption and exceptional portability, flexibility and resilience. Scientifically developed by leading acoustic engineers, our acoustic barriers are the most effective temporary noise control solutions on the market. Our temporary acoustic barriers are quick and easy to transport, deploy … Read more


SoundIntegraTM is the first surface mounted integrated barrier that can absorb noise and road vehicles impacts. It consists of precast reinforced concrete monolithic elements, directly placed on asphalt or equivalent, connected to each other on the receiver side and completed with a metal guardrail on the source side. SoundIntegra is approved according to specifics required … Read more