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Road safety

Safety barriers, tested and certified according to the European standard EN1317.

Event protection

Mobile devices for the protection of sensitive areas from unauthorized passage of hostile or out of control vehicles.

Anti-noise systems

Fixed or temporary solutions for noise mitigation of construction sites, industrial sites and transport infrastructure.

The company


Globally design, manufacture and market specialist transport infrastructure devices and innovative solutions to protect people, places and communities.


Promote an authentic culture of safety, increasing the awareness of interlocutors on risks and instructing them on the means of prevention and mitigation.

KEE is a company specialized in road and event safety.

Our business philosophy is anchored on principles of Belonging, Excellence, and Ambition.

We are constantly in pursuit of cutting-edge technologies to develop solutions that meet the highest quality standards demanded by the market.

Our core values include Competence, Dynamism, and Professionalism.

We collaborate closely with our clients, striving to deliver increasingly high-performance results. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a point of reference in our areas of expertise.


Mobile, portable, removable and quick-assembly barriers, adaptable to different ground surfaces.

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Echo barrier

Modular system of portable acoustic and anti-dust barriers: combines noise absorption, portability, flexibility and resilience.

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Safety barriers

Safety barriers tested and certified according to the European standard EN1317.

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