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Research and development for the protection of places and individuals

KEE - Innovating Safety


Our relentless dedication to innovation drives us to continuously invest in increasingly advanced models and barriers. This commitment to research and development of new solutions aims not only to improve road safety, but also to ensure effective protection during events.

“We are aware of the importance of adapting our solutions to the changing needs of the urban context, suburban areas and event locations. Through an attentive and future-oriented approach, we strive to develop high-performance barriers suitable for a wide range of situations, thus helping to ensure the safety and protection of people, places and communities”.

The pioneering approach represents the beating heart of our company, which fuels the search for excellence and guides us in providing revolutionary road safety and personal protection solutions in the sector.

Safety and performance

From initial risk assessment to the implementation of sophisticated mitigation systems, we carefully follow every step of the process.

Our safety barriers are tested for reliability and durability. We follow strict international regulations by offering compliant and safe products such as our guardrails, Integer, Soundintegra, acoustic barriers and paints, thus contributing to the protection of people in every context.

Towards a sustainable future

Leader of innovation in the field of road safety, KEE stands out for its constant commitment to combining technological excellence and environmental sustainability demonstrating a deep respect for the environment.

Thanks to the Ultraguard system, made with water-based paint and low environmental impact, we propose a cutting-edge solution that increases road safety while respecting and protecting the environment.

EchoBarrier, a temporary dust and acoustic barrier, helps us mitigate the acoustic and environmental impact of construction activities, thereby promoting environmental protection and the adoption of more sustainable practices.

Finally, our 4K line, built using solid and laminated conifer wood, represents a concrete commitment to a more sustainable future, in which beauty and excellence are combined with respect for the environment.

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